Hi from a hotel in Moscow. The adventure continues to intensify! Our plane was late leaving Istanbul, some kind of mechanical trouble.   It didn’t fly very well.  A student pilot or something.  It wandered all over.  We got in over an hour late and after several check points and many lines they said the flight to Vladivstok was postponed.  We had flown on the same plane with a couple going from the conference too, so they had a phone and we were able to eventually get in touch with our mission president who happened to be in Moscow on other business.   About midnight local time, we got on a bus to a hotel that turned out to be quite nice.  They fired up the kitchen and fed us a nice meal.  This morning will be a nice breakfast buffet – then who knows.  Our flight is scheduled for 16:55 today (Sunday) so if all goes well we will get there mid-morning tomorrow. I met several fellows who went out of there way to be very helpful and look after us.  Mom’s ready for breakfast so more later. We sure do see the Hand of the Lord looking out for us.  We love you.