We are here just barely! Got held overnight in Moscow, arrived here Monday afternoon. They put us in a taxi and sent us to our town where they had an apartment waiting for us. The elders have been very good to us. We are at a business center on internet by the minute so this will be short. Should have our internet hooked up in a couple of weeks. Hold up one hand and do each finger: remember-you-are-in-Russia! The symbol is a High Five and a smile or five! The food is different. It will take Sue a while to find things she can eat. I walk about five or more miles each day trying to find sources. Sue says “Only 23 more months,” but I think it will get better. We have been in on six lesson discussions, four member visits, and one English club. No rest for the wicked, and the righteous must not need any. For me the time has gone fast, but it does seem like it’s been longer than four days. Our love to all, more soon. – Elder R.

Dear Family,
It is 3:45PM here in Nakodka and I have only 15 minutes before this computer place closes to write a quick note and check some of my email. I have so much to share but no time right now. Didn’t get to send my weekly update from Istanbul because we lost service at the hotel but still have it saved and will send it soon. We don’t get internet installed in our apartment until about the 15th of May but will come back here soon and take more time. It is about a five mile walk. We are really getting our exercise but both of us are well. I couldn’t find anything to eat here for the first four days but finally found some bottled spaghetti sauce and noodles which is what I ate last night. Will write more later. I love and miss you! – Sister R.