Dear Friends and Family,
We so enjoy hearing from those of you who have time to write! I think we are going through the three month homesick blues. Today, Monday, is our darling grandson’s second birthday and we are not there to share it with him.
Mondays are our free day/preparation day and we have been wanting our Russian Elder to take us to the site of a new Russian Orthodox Church that is being built high on a hill overlooking the bay. He took us there last Monday because he had a feeling he would be transferred later in the week, which he was. We have attached a picture.
We hired a driver (the son-in-law of one of our members) who also took us to a spot he thought would be good for another church picnic but he drove down a stream bed to get there so I don’t think that will work for us. We were thrilled to hear a cuckoo bird in the woods when we got there. Sounded just like the clocks. Then we went to a high hill overlooking the north end of Nakhodka Bay and climbed part way up. The old stand-by members of English club climbed to the top a few weeks ago but part way was good enough for me (Sue) as it was so hot and the bugs were eating me up. Also enclosed a picture of the view from there.
My sweet sister-in-law shared her recipe and I was able to make a cheesecake for our Russian Elder before he left. He had tasted it once and liked it and asked me if I could make one. I won’t tell you how many rubles the cream cheese cost. They have a large container of it at the cheese counter and you tell them how much you want – it doesn’t come in nice, neat little packages as it does at home. Our best to all! Elder and Sister Rahi
We visited the city ambulance service on Tuesday. Church Humanitarian services had donated a small and a large ressucitation dummy for them to train in CPR. They received this last November but we still had to get final paper work and a picture and see how many people had been trained. ( Luckily, they did not try to feed us! ) We have now been successful in closing all of the projects that were still open here and want so much to get started on our own but that is proceeding slowly.